The Leading International MICE Event In China

Since 2007, IT&CM China has established itself as China’s leading international Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions (MICE) business, education and networking event, dedicated to “Promoting China to the World and the World to China”.

Bringing together Chinese and International MICE exhibitors and buyers in one dynamic marketplace, IT&CM China is the platform for international and leading Chinese players in the MICE industry to explore business opportunities on all fronts – inbound, outbound and domestic.

Delegates to the 3-day event receive the best return on their investment in business, education and networking through structured business appointments, exhibition showcase, seminar sessions, official networking functions and tours.

Co-located with CTW China as China’s Only Doublebill Event in MICE and Corporate Travel, IT&CM China is part of the IT&CM Events series organised by TTG Events, a business group of TTG Asia Media. This event is co-organised by CTS MICE Service Co., Ltd., and MP International.




  • TTG 亚洲传媒会展部 (TTG Events)
  • 中旅国际会议展览有限公司 (CTS MICE Service Co., Ltd.)
  • 国际展会策划集团 (MP International Pte Ltd)

Event Dates

2022: 29 – 31 March

28 – 30 March

26 – 28 March
2024年3月26日-28 日

Exhibitors | 展商
Buyers | 买家
Media | 媒体
Speakers | 演讲嘉宾

Delegate Testimonials 代表感言

Effective Platform with Fruitful Networking Outcomes Our buyer appointments have made a positive financial impact for our destination. Our participation here at IT&CM China have made a difference for us and has been extremely fruitful.

Hainan Province MICE Association, China PR,

我们跟买家的商务洽谈对海南这一目的地产生了积极的经济影响。我们参与 IT&CM China 和 CTW China 的结果真的不同凡响,非常富有成果。


The Brand Showcase Presentation was a great avenue for us to show off our destination and what we can offer to the MICE and corporate travel buyers. We are very impressed with this new initiative provided by the organisers.

Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute,

John Chan, Officer

John Chan,官员,

We participated in the exhibition to engage with Chinese and International Buyers, as well as promote the charm of our city and the award winning services that we provide. This is a very important and meaningful platform for business exchange.

Sapporo Convention Bureau,

Yasuhiro Mochizuki, Coordinator – Client Relations & Services

Yasuhiro Mochizuki, 客户关系及服务主任,

Results Beyond Expectations - Our actual results from participating at IT&CM China exceeded our expectations. The entire experience was seamless, right from the start till the end. Chimelong Hotel Guangzhou, China PR.

Chimelong Hotel Guangzhou, China PR.,


我们参与 IT&CM China的实际结果超出了我们的预期。整个体验从开始到结束都非常顺畅。
I am very impressed with the various conferences made available to us as well as the trends covered by the conference speakers. From there, I am able to gain new ideas in corporate travel and at the same time, understand the current market situation. These sessions are very helpful.

China International Capital Corporation Limited, China PR,

Wang Wei, General Administration Department
CTW China丰富精彩的论坛以及演讲嘉宾谈到的行业趋势给我留下了深刻的印象。我能从中获得对商旅行业的新想法,同时了解目前的市场形势。这些论坛让我获益匪浅。


Wang Wei, 行政主管
IT&CM China featured quality exhibitors with a good variety of solutions. There were plenty of options for us buyers to select from the crème de la crème of exhibitors and decide on the best to recommend our clients.

Xi’An China International Travel Service Co., Ltd,

Mr He Yupeng, Deputy General Manager of Angio-American Department
IT&CM CHINA的高品质参展商提供了丰富的解决方案,从而让我们有更多可选择的方案和目的地来推荐给我们的客户

西安中国国际旅行社有限公司, 中国,

I'm so glad that I had a chance to participate in CTW China. The topics covered during the panel sessions helped me to understand the Chinese market and its challenges. I'm also pretty sure that new contracts with suppliers will be signed after the show, as a result of direct contact at this conference.

Philip Morris International, Poland,

Maciej Olbert, Procurement Category Executive - Business Travel & Events
我很高兴有机会参加 CTW China。大会论坛讨论的主题帮助我了解中国市场及其挑战。我也非常肯定,基于本次会议上可以直接接触到供应商,展会后将与他们签署新的合作合同。


Maciej Olbert, 商旅及活动采购部经理
I am impressed at the quality of Chinese and Asian suppliers. Because of IT&CM China, I will now be doing business with some of these high quality suppliers and destinations I met at the event, which I otherwise would not have been able to do.

JTB USA, Inc., United States of America,

Mike Nesbihal, MICE Manager
中国和亚洲供应商的高品质给我留下了深刻的印象。通过参加IT&CM China,我现在可以和遇到的很多高质量的供应商和目的地开展业务合作!

JTB USA, Inc., 美国,

Mike Nesbihal, 会奖部经理
Getting in touch with Convention Bureaus is very helpful for association businesses. We can learn a lot through the business appointments, such as knowing the various exhibition venues, exhibition criteria/policies and support schemes.

China Association of Small & Medium Commercial Enterprises, China PR Xu Xiang, Assistant and Deputy Secretary General,

Xu Xiang, Assistant and Deputy Secretary General

中国中小商业企业协会, 中国,

许湘, 会长助理兼常务副秘书长
Personalised agendas and show information were easily accessible and efficient through the inaugural debut of the app. Adding on, the complimentary Shanghai Food Tour was a fresh experience. I enjoyed it a lot. The event was very well-organised and I would like to commend the organisers for being prompt in responding to my requests.

ADFIAP, Philippines,

Arlene Orencia, Head of Projects and Programmes

亚洲及太平洋发展筹资机构协会 (ADFIAP), 菲律宾,

Arlene Orencia, 项目主管
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