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Allied Preferred-Buyer Partner (APBP) Programme 优选买家合作伙伴

Allied Preferred-Buyer Partner (APBP) Programme

Invite your preferred existing or potential buyers to meet you in Shanghai with full hosting benefits*!

As an APBP, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds: an opportunity to engage your preferred buyers on us, and meet new quality buyer potentials from our global sourcing network. MICE, Association and Corporate buyer recommendations welcomed.

* Preferred buyers will be prioritised for validation and hosting by the host committee.
Buyer registration fee applies for all confirmed buyers.

APBP Benefits

1. More Platinum Slots During PSA

that prioritises your meeting preferences at this system-matched appointment scheduling phase. (applies to APBP Exhibitors only)

2. Earlier Access To Online Diary

than other exhibitors, allowing you to select and request meets with your preferred buyers before anyone else. (applies to APBP Exhibitors only)

3. Comprehensive Hosting Arrangements

for all your preferred confirmed buyers. Including flight (sponsored / reimbursement) and accommodation, managed by IT&CM China and CTW China team

4. Option To Personalise Your Preferred Buyers’ Experience

by hosting them on your brand platforms. Applicable for select travel arrangements such as flights, hotels, transfers etc…

5. One Fully-Hosted Space

for your company’s representative to attend as a Group Leader, once APBP agreement is fulfilled. (applies to APBP Non-Exhibitors only)

6. Brand Acknowledgement and Exposure

on official website and event collaterals

Get More Out of IT&CM China and CTW China By Being An APBP

For Exhibitors / Sponsors: contact sales.itcmchina@ttgasia.com
For Other Enquiries: contact buyers.itcmchina@ttgasia.com

优选买家合作伙伴 (APBP) 计划






1. 在展前预定商务洽谈(PSA)期间拥有更多的优先匹配名额


2. 更早进入在线日志邀约阶段


3. 全方位的特邀权益

由IT&CM China暨和CTW China团队为您的优选买家提供包括机票(展会赞助/定额报销)和酒店住宿在内的特邀招待。

4. 可为您的优选买家定制独特体验


5. 一个特邀名额

APBP协议内的条款完成后,贵司将可以派出一位代表以团队领袖身份参会,并享受特邀权益( 只适用于优选买家合作伙伴中的非展商机构)

6. 品牌致谢与曝光


通过成为APBP,从IT&CM China暨CTW China中收获更多!

展商/赞助商请联系: sales.itcmchina@ttgasia.com
其他咨询: buyers.itcmchina@ttgasia.com

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